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  1. Anzac Day - April 25th (funtrivia)

  2. Anzac Day (funtrivia)

  3. Anzac Day: A Sacred Quiz (funtrivia) [pop-ups]

  4. The Anzacs (funtrivia)

  5. The Last Anzac (funtrivia)

  6. Anzac Day Quiz (

  7. Anzac Quiz (warandidentity) [Web page not available 25 Oct 2015]

  8. ANZAC Centenary Quiz (

For printable quizzes see Anzac Day quizzes to print on our related site,

- Very Easy

  1. Anzac Puzzles (Extremely easy) (
       - Puzzle 1
       - Puzzle 2
       - Puzzle 3
       - Puzzle 4

  2. Flying the Flag (

  3. Uniforms over Time (

  4. Women in War (



Poppy and poppy petals


Remembrance Day* (

*Canadian page

For printable colouring activities see Anzac Day colour-in activities on our related site,

Jigsaw Puzzles

Poppy Time


  1. Remembrance Day

  2. Veterans Day

  3. Lest we forget

  4. We will remember them

  5. In Flanders Fields

  6. The Ode



NOTE: The following web pages appear to be UNAVAILABLE - 25 Oct 2015

  1. Who am I? - Work out who the six Australians are. (

  2. The Last Voyage of the AE2 (submarine in the Dardanelles) (

  3. Battlefield Casualties - Help save the wounded Diggers on the Western Front. (

  4. Infantryman - Make decisions to enable you to survive on the Western Front. (

  5. Where in the world? Click on locations where Australians have served in war and in peace. (

  6. Checking Your Gear Drag names and images onto the right locations. (

  7. Suitcase Treasure Drag images of a family's war memorabilia. (



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Poppy Time Online Puzzles



Centenary of WW1 (

- Centenary education board game (relies on some info available through the 16th Battalion teacher section)

- Letter writing interactive





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